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Neera Singh

FOR303 Sustainability of PlantationsThe transformation of the worlds ecosystems resulting from global changes caused by human activity has in many ways lead to critical climate biodiversity and resource management issues Indeed many researchers now refer to our contemporary geological age as the Anthropocene due to the predominant influence that human activity is having with regards to shaping the environment Furthermore the need to reconcile the increasing demand of forest resources with conservation efforts to preserve the worlds remaining natural forests has increased the necessity to implement sustainable forest management approaches PaquetteMessier 2009 With that said sustainable plantations are now being recognized as a potential solution or at the very least as playing a legitimate role in satisfying such goals Sustainable plantations can be described as multipurpose plantations that are designed to meet ecological economic and sociocultural needs of current and future generations Muhataman et al 2000 PaquetteMessier 2009 Taking this further these multipurpose plantations are compatible with conservation efforts in many ways For instance if they are designed to provide multiecosystem services they can significantly alleviate pressure on the worlds remaining intact forestsand they can even restore ecological capacities such as carbon sequestration PaquetteMessier 2009 However implementing sustainable plantations is a complex process that still involves many challenges In the following section these difficulties will be addressed as well as the necessity to establish sustainable plantations Finally this section will conclude with describing some of the ways sustainable plantation practices can be accomplishedOver the past few decades plantations have earned a bad reputation due to their implementation as largescale industrial monocultures In many ways these negative perceptions are justified replacing diverse tropical forests with exotic monocultures is known to negatively impact biodiversity levels and have other adverse effects PaquetteMessier 2010 Stone 2007 Furthermore some of the difficulties associated with implementing sustainable plantations arises from lack of social acceptance from the publicnamely environmentalists NGOS local communities and even consumers PaquetteMessier 2010 Stone 2007 Laurance et al 2009 SchirmerTonts 2003 The lack of social acceptance among local communities is usually due to widespread concerns about the negative effects that occurs with this type of change in land use as well as the apparent negative socioeconomic implications of plantation forestry SchirmerTonts 2003 Some common concerns include the possible effects of plantations on population density local economies social networks public health and the environment Residents may feel that the establishment of plantations can lead to falling populations contracting social networks and economic decline Taking this further rural people may also feel that a local sense of community is being lost SchirmerTonts 2003 Interestingly according to researchers rural communities which have a more diversified commodity base with a larger range of industries are less likely to 1
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