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University of Toronto St. George
Geography and Planning
Matthew Turner

Revanchist Urbanism Heads South: The Regulation of Indigenous Beggars and Street Vendors in Ecuador Kate Swanson Introduction Rural-to-urban migration is a popular strategy for indigenous peoples from the central Andean provinces Agriculture is large unviable due to excessive soil erosion, declining agricultural productivity, etc Temporary rural-to-urban migration alloys many to improve their conditions and finance their kids education. But: cities are re-shaping urban spaces to revive city centres (Revitalization, renewal) annihilating urban spaces for beggars, vendors, homeless. Smith (1996) refersto this urban geography as the revanchist city: reaction against the poor, as dominant classes attempt to tame the wild city; put under their control Ecuadors revanchism is related to whitening, race plays a big role. In the modern view of the nation, dirty indians dont fit in. Ecuador: Neoliberalism and Indegenous Peoples Political instability, 60% poverty, 910 indegenous people are poor. SAPs in 1980s. Has the strongest Indigenous political movement in L.A, despite this, little change in Ecuadors poorest. Agriculture has always been big; yet with the SAPs its made it increasin
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