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Geography and Planning

The new international division of labour multinational corporations and urban hierarchy reading notesChanges in corporations and in the structure of advanced corporate services have led to the emergence of a series of global cities these cities serve as international centers for business decisionmaking and corporate strategy formulationMovement of US corporations overseas has several important impacts on the institutional structure of large US cities typically international decision making by large firms was made in NY and San Fransisco and this trend was supported by major banks from these citiesAs a result cities that had been important centers for business began to lose economic stature to these global citiesOther corporate services expanded as well such as banks law firms accounting firms overseasNational cities are where international subsidiaries score between 07 and 09 International cities have extensive international operations and the citys score 10 or more on the multinational indexRegional cities are where there is little evidence that the firms in a city have any share of foreign corporate sales relative to their share of total salesThe multinational index
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