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Jason Hackworth

GGR358 Reading 1: January 7 , 2013 Sociology of Religion -branch of sociology that examines the role and the significance of the diversity of organized religions and individual religious beliefs both in particular societies and globally -the nature of religious beliefs held by societies and groups within societies -the effects on society of those who hold particular beliefs Malcolm Hamilton -sociology of religion has 2 main themes which are: -why have religious beliefs and practices been so central a feature of culture and society -why have religious beliefs and practices taken such diverse forms Religion, Faith and Belief -god isn’t compatible with machinery and scientific medicine but civilization has chosen that -modern western world is not a religious place -Huxley nore Bruce view religious faith as playing an important part in modern western societies -although if there has been any work done in the west it is on Christianity, to the exclusion of other faiths – ethnocentric posit -very small portion of population who participate in worship outside the home -2001 cencus displayed that 71.6% of population said they were Christian (England). But a MORI poll of 503 adults in england taken in april 2001 showed that 9% of the population went to church on good Friday and 14% on easter Monday, but 66% said x-mas is more important even though easter is celebration of christs resurrection -simply being faithful to a relgion does not mean people have the central knowledge of it’s ideologies Three kinds of belief: -warranting beliefs: these acknowledge the existence not only of the devine but of particular divinity like Trinitarian God -purposive beliefs: these explain what the divine purpose is and where humankind fits into that plan -implementary beliefs: these set out the ethics of how belivers should bhave with respect to their god and to their fellow humans ***while some people may believe or have religious faith, others have a strong religious commitment that may cause them to participate in acts of worship on regular intervals or live their lives in a particular manor that is at odds with other groups in society -need for religion management that would not tear societies apart like it did in 17 th century where there were violent conflicts in the western world due to a clash of religious practices -the response to this was the practice of religious liberalism, so religious beliefs were a private and personal matter and the legal separation of the church and state ensued**** -international migration caused for issues of religious forefront in many societies, so what happens when a society has members with exclusively different beliefs – conflicts -relgiious identitifes however became more transnational, so more than a single state based identity -assimilation rather than celebration of cultural and religious differences, because of national identity through secular citizenship Definitions of Religion -established for the charitable purpose of the advancement of religion and/or -established for the cheritable purpose of the promiton of the moral or spiritual welfare or improvement of the community Church of Scientology – a religion? -revised definition has led to some suggesting that the church of scientology is defined as a religion Distinct difference between religion and belief -belief in a supreme being is necessary characteristic of religion in charity law, which is why the criteria that we use include refence to a supreme being rather than god. Supreme being is not necessarily in the form of god. -religion includes buddihm, Christiani
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