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Chapter 17

GGR100 Chap 17 Notes (Glacial Landforms, the Quaternary Ice Age)

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Sarah Finkelstein

GGR100Chapter 17 Textbook Notes 1Chapter 17 exam notes lec 5y While the former mentioned agent of erosion is water the second is ice Ice is restricted primarily to glacial periods high latitude or high elevationy Glaciers are large masses of flowing land ice always moving The glacier is fed from snow precipitation which pushes it downslope Glaciers form when temperatures are low couples with adequate snowfally Glaciers move under the pressure of their own great weight and the pull of gravity When snow doesnt melt between summer and winter the snow pile grows while the lower levels of snow compact This leads to a material called firn also known as glacial ice causing the ice to pressurize and lose rigidity This loss of rigidity allows the glacier to freely move over rocks and surfaces without breaking The immense weight from the glacier moving severely erodes the ground underneath as it flows crushing and transporting material downslopey Mass balance determines whether a glacier is growing or shrinking y If a glacier is in equilibrium ablation zone of evaporation and sublimation is equal to accumulation system input as snowfall But glacial ice continues to flow Ablation is balanced in equilibrium The accumulation zone ends at the firn line y Moraines areas high in the mountains marked by trails of transported debris Several types of moraines are exhibited y Lateral and medial moraines form along each side of a glaciery TerminalEnd moraines form at the end of the glaciery Recessional moraines mark temporary positions of the ice margin
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