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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 summary

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Leydon

Chapter 10: Cities of Southeast Asia Key Facts Total Pop: 556 million % urban pop: 43,6 million Total urban pop: 244 million Most urbanized: Singapore (100%), Brunei, Malaysia Least urbanized: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Annual urban growth rate: 3.0% Megacities: 2 Cities more than 1 million: 16 Largest cities: Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok World cities: Singapore Key themes All of the worlds major religions present in this region, along with a great variety of cultures and hundreds of different languages. India and China remain the 2 dominant cultural hearths. Primate cities Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok dominate the region; but the key urban center is Singapore. Many cities are restructuring their economies to become information technology (IT) cities. Some of the worlds largest cargo ports are located in this region Singapore. Flying over cities like Bangkok, Manila or Ho Chi Minh is like flying over Los Angeles, New York or Tokyo. S.E Asias cities provide focal points; they serve as centers of political and cultural activity and centers of commercial circulation and exchange. For example Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Phnom Penh; post-socialist cities are undergoing phenomenal political and economic changes. Vast inequality between rich and poor as well as the healthy and malnourished. In the big cities, designer stores as well as shanty towns & raw sewage are part of their urban landscapes. Medium, or intermediate, cities of the region are also becoming important regional urban centers. But still, rural areas are site of contestation and conflict resulting from indigenous land-use practices and national urban policies. Urban Pattern at the Regional Scale www.notesolution.com
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