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Sarah Wakefield

Nov 14 , 13 Last class - Malnutrition: undernutrition; overnutrition - Some issues in food chain mgmt Lec 09 cont'd: Overnutrit & Obesity - Things that have contributed: o Recreational activ  Change from outdoor  tech o Change in work type  Frm active to + office o Transportation  Walking  cars o Food  Change in food processing • Sugar & fats are more prevalent  + food high in fats & sugar (now nutrit value)  Chem used in food • Maybe an 'obeisogen' o Taste enhancers like lasagna @ home > healthy than boxed Some notes on obesity - Obesity is not health danger unless disabling - Obesity related to but not necessarily result of unhealthy lifestyle o Thing pps might be unhealthy (less nutrients & exercise) - Obesity may/not be a risk factor for poor health - Def'n of 'healthy' changes over time o In past, pps used to think fat = good  Moral implications of being fat/thin? Obesity trends among US adults - Shows % of pps considered ovrweight in pop'n (categories of % ovrweight) o From [1990s]  present, obesity has risen (espec. connecting south) o >30% of pop'n ovrweight  Great change ovr short time o In Canada, obesity problem is less than U.S. In Canada - Less obesity than US - Native & Hispanic pop'n most affected o Metabolic process is to blame  Hard to process synthetic food bc not used to it (active lifestyles too before) o Agri practises (cold envir) o Less access to fruits & healthy food  Decline in hunting o Can see a rise in obesity in children Is Will power an answer? - Shows (media) affect some while ineffective for othrs - Targeting indiv vs. group pop'ns have little effect on diet - N.b: skinny person less healthy than in history bc nutrient content has drastically gone down @ present Health & Food System - Many aspects of modern diet have health conseq. o Less fibre intake  Less digestion + less feeling of fullness o + sugar & fat consumption  Sugar & fat increase value of food • Pps like + sweet & fatty tasting food o Low nutrient foods  Foods w. high fat & low nutrients (fries); white bread  Foods now have less fat content but still not enuf nutr added o Food additives  Used in jams/etc. to preserve food but unhealthy The modern food pyramid - Created out of junk food & processed food King Corn - Rise in obesity in NY is perhaps related to high fructose corn syrup - Processing degraded nutrit value despite high productivity - Almost all corn is converted to corn syrup o Iowa corn has been bred for productivity (i.e. high quality starch production) o Sacrifice nutrit value for productivity (conseq of much processing) - Corn originates from Mexico = high protein value; Iowa = high productivity (starch) - Lot of c.syrup ends in soda product o Drink has + calories than b4 = rise in obesity o Has adverse metabolic effects (type 2 diabetes)  Pancreas cant control amnt of sugar - Cheap food influences consumer = unhealthy Diag - High fructose corn syrup contrib to lot of calories o Calories = not needed in large amnt  Few calories = + weight gain  + calories get stored in abdominal system Joke ads - Corn advocates try to show corn syrup = sugar o There are othrs who oppose bc of health consequences - Point: science is grey 10 Ways to limit Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB) - Serving size is + in places (McDonalds) - To combat pps + ads against unhealthy beverages: o Healthier alterns introduced  Many healthier alterns still have + calories & some plain unheal
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