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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Geography - Its developments, research themes, and concepts

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Chapter 2 Geography its developments research themes and conceptsunderstanding of how and why differences exist how people relate to each other and w their envt discuss migration acculturation the diffusion of innovation and effect of physical barriers on communication relationship of language to other aspects of culture geography spatial science concerned with the use of the earths space 22 History Kant defined geographys philosophical foundation Humboldt and Ritter talked about regions counties and focused on interactions made comparisons on people AND places envt determinism envt largely determined human activities and landscapeson the contrary possibilism choices made by humans in response to opportunities and constraints provided by the envtprobabilism lays between envt determinism and possibilism development of envt also relates to economic gain envt evolution of discipline in response to social cultural political and economic factors and technological innovation textbook does not care much about the physical process that shapes the earths structure more interactive geography human geography deals with the earth as it and what it may be where they are what they might be doing space areal extent and may be understood in
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