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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Biotechnology and Food resources

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Chapter 5 Biotechnology and food resources51 Race to feed the world Main issue human population expected to swell to 9 billion by 2050y Issue of feeding these people while still protecting integrity of soil water and ecosystems sustainable agriculture required y Could involve approaches such as organic farming and GM cropsFood security the guarantee of an adequate reliable and available food supply to all people at all times y 850 million people do not have enough to eat reduced from970 million in 1970 o we achieved this by increasing our ability to produce food devoting more energy planting and harvesting more frequently greatly increasing use of irrigation fertilizers and pesticides increasing amount of cultivated land people who receive less than 90 of daily caloric needs mostly in undernourishmentdeveloping world overnutrition those who receive too many calories a day mainly in developed world y food insecurity even a factor in Canada affecting 102 of householdsFood security function of five As 1 Availability must be produced in sufficient quantity not used for other things such as biofuels 2 Affordability Poverty 3 Accessibility if you cant get to food due to lack of transportation or unrest in region 4 Acceptability would someone actually eat anything Would Muslims eat pork 5 Adequacy nutritional quality of food sufficient to maintain a persons healthMalnutrition shortage of nutrients body needs complete complement of vitamins and minerals can be seen in undernourished and overnourished y kwashiakor children who have stopped breast feeding at riskbloating of abdomen and discolouring of hair mental delays diets high in starch not enough protein or aminoacidsGreen Revolution began in 1940s desire for greater quantity and quality of food for growing pop
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