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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Changing geographies of Food Consumption and Production

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Chapter 6 Changing geographies of Food consumption and productionTopics Covered Thinking about food contrasting cultures of food consumption farmingfood chains and globalization alternative geographies in food towards critical food geographies 61 Thinking about food Main Idea changing natures of food consumptions its providersA quotes in Observer Food Monthly Magazine shows how food is obviously important in lfe and it relates to every humansbecause it reflects us Food is liminal substance because it connects natures with humans it is important in social cultural and economically Food desertsaffordable healthy food is poor in these places mainly seen in urban areas Food shapes who we are o ie Burger King Roadside Cafes all have different associations with the behaviours and atmospheres However tracing food back to its social economic and cultural origin is difficult it is hidden o ie Drinking a cup of coffee has symbolic value everyday morning food economic relations mass consumption globalization Starbucks world trade o This is also an example of the interconnectedness of our world today ie seen in the supermarket Food Chain us
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