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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Worlds Apart: Global Difference and Inequality

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Chapter 7 Worlds apart Global difference and inequalityThird World Stereotypes of famine poverty drought etc Hard to define Third World or Global South as Lesser developed underdeveloped backward Term third world reduces and overlooks the political economic social and cultural diversity of places and communities simplifications and aggregations labels can stigmatize people and placesGeography and Third World development Third World as a set of negative assumptions Third World is a process of setting worlds apart and a politics of labeling that it is necessary to understand and be critically aware of Third World often defined as problem for Western governments that can only be resolved with the intervention of Western experts technology expertise or ideology Geographical boundaries of the Third World are incredible vague and openended Idea of Third World has different meanings in different cultures Three Worlds schema is very much a Cold War conceptualization of space and strongly associated between capitalism and communism between USA and USSR in the second half of ththe 20 centuryTerm posited First Worldcapitalism in Europe USA Australia Japan Second World Socialist bloc Chinas position has been much debated Third World countries that remained when the supposedly significant spaces of the world had been accounted for Term Third World is about mental maps imagined geographies of inequality overpopulation environmental degradation political chaos A geographical meaning representation of a better world belief in the idea of correctable inequalitiesinjustices btw nations states and regiions Third world gives enormous power to Western development institutions to shape popular perceptions of Africa Asia or Latin America Defined by and becomes intelligible through the languages and representations of the agencies and institutions of global developmentFood much of your food is sourced locally but an increasing amount of food is drawn from global sources rice from Thailand bananas from Costa Rica cashew nuts from MozambiquerdAlternative geography of the 3 World protracted painstaking fiercely contested process The idea of North and South is widely seen as preferable to the three worlds schemeCritique for the simplicity of the divisions and failures to recognize diversity and difference btw spaces world does not consist of a series of individual national economies in the way often suggested in UN and World Bank Report The global capitalist economy actively produces inequality and uneven development
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