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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Rural Worlds

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GGR107Chapter 10 Rural WorldsDefinition y 2 approaches y Empirical functional eg landuse characteristics and demographic population density o Mainly used by the government assumes a ruralurban dichotomy y Conceptual does not use direct quantifiable measures draw on social constructs o Rural social space need not correspond with rural geographical space o Often affects economic opportunities infrastructure development and other concrete outcomes y Rural and urban areas overlap in many ways should perceive as a ruralurban continuum Evolution of AAA Rural GeographyRural geography was much ignored until recently because 1 Rural population in richer countries is a minority 2 Western scholars carry an urban bias where social progress is designed to happen y 1960s Rural geography started as agricultural geography rural and agricultural were used interchangeably y 1990s Focused on politicaleconomic concepts impacts of globalization and neoliberalism Themes include diversification environmental change international food chains and deregulationy Recent postmodern movement influence cultural approach that seeks to break down binaries and structures emphasizing the role of rurality as a social construct Themes carried over from 1990s include commodification gentrification accessibility counterurbanization and agrifood systems y Future linking the new cultural rural geography approach with political economy rural studies more research on the rural geography of the global South Interactions within rural worlds between rural and urban spaces and across continents occurs in 4 categories demographics polities cultures and economiesRural DemographicsA significant NorthSouth divide in terms of demographics ruralurban dichotomy North 26 rural vs South 57 rural
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