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Charles Z Levkoe

Chapter 1Chapter 1 A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking 11 Introduction o There are several different ways to define critical thinking o From a practical perspective critical thinking can be defined as a process that we use knowledge and intelligence to arrive at a reasonable justifiable positions on issues o Just because you are intelligent doesnt mean you think critically o Critical thinking is about how we use intelligence and knowledge to reach rational viewpointso Thinking critically can mean thinking logically or analytically or thinking rationally or objectivelyo Logicalanalytical are related to math and philosophyo Rational concepts include psychology and sociology5 Steps to becoming a critical thinker1 Adopt the attitude of a critical thinker 2 Recognize and avoid critical thinking hindrances3 Identify and characterize arguments4 Evaluate information sources 5 Evaluate arguments12 What critical thinking is not o It is not judging an option negatively on the basis of finding flaws or faultso It is a process of evaluating other peoples options in an unbiased mannero It is not intended to make everyone have identical thoughtso Critical thinking is distinct to values and opinionso Reality what really exists and happens outside of our mindso Perception how we sense or experience reality o Thinking processes How we can synthesize our perception to come up with ideas or conclusions might draw forth critical thinkingo 3A Based on emotional needs love acceptance belongingo 3B Values and principles ideas about what is Important and not important and what is right and wrongo Conclusions our resulting opinions claims beliefs and understanding the factso It does not threaten ones individuality or personality
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