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12-05-18 4:03 PM Chapter 4 Soil and agriculture Central Case: Mer Bleue: A bog of International significance Mer Bleue Conservation area is 35 km^2 of provincial land east of Ottawa Ontario It hosts a number of unusual plants species such as cottongrass, cattails and tamarack The type of soil found is peat Canada has an extensive land of peat Peatland can store carbon and reduce amount of greenhouse gas from methane and carbon dioxide Storage of carbon in peat depends on the balance between net primary production and decomposition Peatland Carbon Study (PCARS) was initiated by a group of Canadian Researchers involved in the project have an interest in the ecosystems structure and function Scientists are building scientific instruments to measure the flux in soil 4.1 Soil as a system Soil: contains organic matter, nutrients and microorganisms Soil has half of the minerals found on this planet Soil varies from different regions 4.1.1 Soil formation is slow and complex The formation of soil is important for primary succession Parent material: is the base geological material in a particular location ex. Lava or volcanic ash, rock or sediment The processes that create soil include weathering, erosion and deposition and decomposition of organic matter Weathering: the physical breakdown of rocks and minerals Physical Weathering (mechanical weathering): rocks break down without triggering a chemical reaction Chemical Weathering: results from water or other substances Biological Weathering: occurs when living things break down physical and chemical Erosion: movement of soil from one area to another Soil can be washed away from erosion Dead animals and leaves can contribute to the soil Humus: partial
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