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12-05-27 2:34 PM 5.5 Raising animals for food People do not necessarily need meat but we eat it 5.5.1 Consumption of animals products is growing Wealth and global commerce have increased in our consumption of meat, milk, eggs and fish Domesticated animals: animals raised in captivity The number of domesticated animals has increased 5.5.2 High consumption has led to feedlot agriculture In traditional agriculture livestock were allowed to graze the grassland Feedlots/concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs): are hugely designed lots that allow many of animals to live Feedlots allow many animals to be produced It also prevents over grazing However there is a lot of waste produced by the animals in feedlots It could lead to an outbreak in disease Crowded conditions can lead to the bird flu or mad cow disease 5.5.3 Our food choices are also energy choices We choice certain foods that have ener
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