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Charles Z Levkoe

12-05-29 7:11 PM Chapter 7: Worlds apart: Global difference and inequality An interesting fact about the world's development is that it has produced a world full of labels and developed countries Morag Bell suggests that the term Third World is full of stereotypes such as famine, poverty ands droughts There has been a categorical difference between different regions in recent years Different people have what there consider poor and ups and downs of life Moving on beyond the notion of third world, there are places and people that are socially and spatially different Regional Case Study 7.1: The United Kingdom and Uganda A comparison of global inequality between the UK and Uganda Both countries are roughly the same size They however do not have the same excess to water, health and education In the UK 1 in 5 people live in poverty and in Uganda it is 1 in 3 people Uganda has a per capita income of $336 US and the UK has a per capita income of $27, 770 UK infant mortality rate is 5.08 for every 1000 live birth
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