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University of Toronto St. George
Charles Z Levkoe

12-06-16 3:03 PM 8.2 What is nutrition? Nutrition: study of food and nutrients to sustain life The relationship between food and health was noticed in the 1600s In the 1900s the concept of essential nutrients was studied Good nutrition prevents us from developing diseases Focus on research Background Most people are unaware about the amount of food they consume in a day We are often unaware of the impacts that our food can have on the environment Research Question There are two parts to this study The first part investigates how many food related decisions normal-weight, over weight and obese people make within 24 hours The second is whether the subjects were aware that they were overeating Study Design Study 1 asked 154 college students and adults how many food decisions that make in a day Then there were asked question like when, what and how much with decisions of meals, snacks and beverages Researchers also collected data about height, age, gender and weight In Study 2, 374 volunteers were grouped into different, exaggerated conditions They were given a bowl to eat from and had to compare it to how much they would normally eat Results The results from study 1 the participants had 14.4 food choices per day When asked detailed questions about the study the numbers increased
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