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Charles Z Levkoe

Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Consumption and Geographies 9.1 Consumption matters o There many ways we consume items o Consumption is an important realization of geography o For example a McDonald’s burger isn’t made from the McDonald’s location o “Retail capital”: consumption plays a role in economics o It accounts for a growing proportion of paid employment o The economic production of goods o Ex. Nike and there ‘Just Do It’ logo; they invest a lot of money in promoting the product o There has to be a connection between the consumer and the markets o Assumption is important to economies o Social and cultural influences can determine consumption o Geographical character of the world is important 9.2 Global Geographies of Consumption 9.2.1 Consumption, cultural imperialism and the end of geography o Modern consumption can determine age o There is evidence of dumping on the third world o This is a concern due to loss of global culture Spotlight Box 9.1: Consumerism as the End of Culture? o There is worry that consumer culture is making everything the same o Westernizing everything 9.2.2 Consumption and Cultural Indigenization o Marshall Mcluhan wrote a famous social science book o It was argument about linking different places as a global village o Mclauhan argues that consumer culture does not float above o McDonald’s has many different varieties around the world o There are parallels between consuming locally and Regional Case Study 9.1: Cultural Geographies of McDonald
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