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Chapter 2

Lecture 2, Chapter 2 and 3

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Deborah Cowen

Tuesday, September 21, Chapter 1 & 2 What is a City? What is Urban Geography? Chapter 1 There are seven principles or properties that make up a city, Production, Proximity, Reproduction, Capitalization, Place, Governance and Environment. These properties account for the existence of cities, that relate to cities of the past and present and future. PAGE 15, for more info Production: Need for cities to produce goods and services for their own residents and to be exported beyond their territories to assure the purchase of the goods and services that cannot be procured within their territory. Production attracts people to cities Economic production creates jobs and brings people into the city and it is the main reason for urban growth Fish, furs and timber were first establishment of merchandise in Canada. Cities depend for their natural resources on a territory, I.E ecological footprint For a city to exist, it must be in a position to export sufficient goods and services to counter- balance its imports. Proximity: Cities are made of numerous overlapping markets of frequently repeated exchanges, with a predominant structuring role taken by the labour market. Proximity makes these exchanges possible; otherwise they would be ruled out by excessive travel time and cost The term proximity is all about groups of people interacting with one another, the reason people come to live to city is because they want to build a community, also, educational establishment, shopping opportunities, cultural activities, entertainment, friends and family, medical facilities. Living in a city you are being connected to everything, Work and Home, Business owners and their jobs, and so on, this is why the cost of living in a city is more than in rural areas. www.notesolution.com
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