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GGR252 Introduction

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University of Toronto St. George
Stephen Swales

INTRODUCTION – MARKETING GEOGRAPHY The Value of Geographical Perspective - Example: Snow’s study of cholera outbreaks o Data collection = addresses of deaths and locations of water pumps o Data mapping = to explore the distribution of the deaths; to pick out the spatial relationship o Distance decay = the greater the distance from the pump, the fewer the deaths from cholera o Intervening opportunities = other pumps are available to people distant from the pump o Anomalies  Some people near the pump did not die • Convent had its own water supply • Brewery workers had a choice to drink beer  Some people far from the pump died • People visited the Broad Street area for work, shopping, or social activities - Example: Contemporary retail store o Data collection and mapping = home addresses or postal codes are routinely collected as a matter of course, traditional competitions, surveys, credit cards, and affinity (loyalty) cards o Distance decay = decreasing number of customers with increasing distance from the store o Anomalies  Some areas near the store are not customers • Non-residential areas (e.g., industrial, parks)  Some areas far from the store are customers • Near their workplace • Passing by intervening opportunities • Could be a specialty store Distance Decay - The first law of geography - All other things being equal, nearer things are more likely to interact than distant things o Interaction with a location declines with distance The Geography in RetailAnalysis - Trade area analysis = to identify the extent of service areas for stores or centres and the market composition within these areas - Site selection tools = to evaluate the characteristics and potential of prospective sites - Geotechnology tools = Geographical Information Systems (GIS), aerial photography, remote sensing, GPS An Outline for Marketing Geography - Two major components of marketing
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