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Chapter 5

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Matti Siemiatycki

Chapter 5 Asking Questions Open Vs Closed Questions Open Pros y Respondents can answer in their own terms y Allow greater novelty of responses y Respondents are not being prompted by answers to choose from Cons y Recording and data coding becomes much more complicated y If on a questionnaire respondent may not wish to write a lengthy answer Coding In order to process responses coding is using to enumerate responses and process the data as numbersIt involves giving different responses or qualitiesmeanings of responses in open questions a numerical code and processing it as such Precoding is an efficient way of preparing a framework for coding before interviews have been conducted Closed QuestionsPros y Answers are easy to process y Presence of answers as options may provide clarification to respondents y Easier and quicker to complete Cons y Loss of spontaneity and authenticity y More care must be taken in preparing material y It is difficult to make exhaustive lists of forcedchoice answers difficult to foresee all possible answers Types of Questions PersonalFactualPersonal information ie identity behaviour Factual Questions about OthersUseful for gauging respondents perception of others Factual about an entity or eventUseful for gaining information about something but greatly susceptible to bias
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