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Deborah Mc Gregor

Nehithawak of Reindeer Lake Canada Natural WorldH MichellIntroductionWoodlands Cree specific group of First Nations peoples in Canada also know is NehithawakAboriginal refers to First nations Metis InuitIndigenous original people worldwide who have longterm connectionof a particular geographical land baseFirst Nations diverse Indigenous people connected to treaties reserves under Indian Act Article addresses personal narratives of an educator of Woodlands Cree heritage Articulate key concepts in relation to traditional Woodland Cree educationArticle discusses1 Personal collective experience in living and Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba within Woodland Cree trapping family2 Reflection of Indigenous based science education from Woodlands Cree perspective3 Stories absorbed in oral form and constructed within the parameters of authors worldview prior experiences personal limitations and idiosyncratic tendenciesKhitiyak elders respected for wisdom and knowledge regard them as teachers and knowledge Woodlands Cree WC way of life cannot be learned entirely from the written word it must be lived and experiencedWC culture is dynamic and constantly changing as a result of over 500 years of continuous impacts from social political economic and historical forces Western scientists scholars have found a new found appreciation for the knowledge WC offers that is critical for survival and longterm sustainability of the planet WC share common worldview with other indigenous people and share a history of colonization with other membersThe Woodlands Cree of Reindeer Lake Woodland Cree of Reindeer Lake are Indigenous to northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan The Cree language belongs to the Algonkian branch of the AlgonkianWakashan linguistic stock The word Cree originated from Ojibway people Cree are the most largest and most widespread Indigenous group on Canada in Manitoba Quebec etc Cree people speak same language but they are linguistically diverse reflecting different places of origin Cree people are the Woodlands Plains East Cree Moose and Swampy etc
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