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Deborah Mc Gregor

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Wampum at Niagara The Royal Proclamation Canadian Legal history And Self GovernmentJohn Borrows Royal Proclamation RP of 1763 important document in Nations and Canadian legal history First Nations were not passive objects but active participants in the formulation and ratification of the RP In the struggle for North America First Nations were not dependent victim of a greater power they maintained their own power range of choice decision making in 176064 after British asserted control over French in North America RP is part of a treaty btw First Nation and Crown which stand as a positive guarantee of first nation self governmentthe other part of the treaty is an agreement ratified in Niagara his treaty are found conditions that underpin the RP Manuscript of proclamation and has not been integrated with first Nation understanding of this document does not adhere to native standard and thereby allowing Crown to ignore First Nation participation RP and treaty of Niagara persist through early colonization of Canada Aboriginal Rights survived to form First NationCrown relationship This paper will address conventional ethnocentrism and colonial interpretations of Canadian legal historyCanadian Legal History from First Nations Perspectiv
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