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GGR107H1 Chapter Notes -High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Junk Food

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Sarah Wakefield

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Nov 14th, 13
Last class
- Malnutrition: undernutrition; overnutrition
- Some issues in food chain mgmt
Lec 09 cont'd: Overnutrit & Obesity
- Things that have contributed:
oRecreational activ
Change from outdoor tech
oChange in work type
Frm active to + office
Walking cars
Change in food processing
Sugar & fats are more prevalent
+ food high in fats & sugar (now nutrit value)
Chem used in food
Maybe an 'obeisogen'
oTaste enhancers like lasagna @ home > healthy than
Some notes on obesity
- Obesity is not health danger unless disabling
- Obesity related to but not necessarily result of unhealthy lifestyle
oThing pps might be unhealthy (less nutrients & exercise)
- Obesity may/not be a risk factor for poor health
- Def'n of 'healthy' changes over time
oIn past, pps used to think fat = good
Moral implications of being fat/thin?
Obesity trends among US adults
- Shows % of pps considered ovrweight in pop'n (categories of % ovrweight)
oFrom [1990s] present, obesity has risen (espec. connecting south)
o>30% of pop'n ovrweight
Great change ovr short time
oIn Canada, obesity problem is less than U.S.
In Canada

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- Less obesity than US
- Native & Hispanic pop'n most affected
oMetabolic process is to blame
Hard to process synthetic food bc not used to it (active lifestyles too
oAgri practises (cold envir)
oLess access to fruits & healthy food
Decline in hunting
oCan see a rise in obesity in children
Is Will power an answer?
- Shows (media) affect some while ineffective for othrs
- Targeting indiv vs. group pop'ns have little effect on diet
-N.b: skinny person less healthy than in history bc nutrient content has drastically gone
down @ present
Health & Food System
- Many aspects of modern diet have health conseq.
oLess fibre intake
Less digestion + less feeling of fullness
o+ sugar & fat consumption
Sugar & fat increase value of food
Pps like + sweet & fatty tasting food
oLow nutrient foods
Foods w. high fat & low nutrients (fries); white bread
Foods now have less fat content but still not enuf nutr added
oFood additives
Used in jams/etc. to preserve food but unhealthy
The modern food pyramid
- Created out of junk food & processed food
King Corn
- Rise in obesity in NY is perhaps related to high fructose corn syrup
- Processing degraded nutrit value despite high productivity
- Almost all corn is converted to corn syrup
oIowa corn has been bred for productivity (i.e. high quality starch production)
oSacrifice nutrit value for productivity (conseq of much processing)
- Corn originates from Mexico = high protein value; Iowa = high productivity (starch)
- Lot of c.syrup ends in soda product
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