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8.5.1 Sound nutrition research begins with the scientific method
Scientific method is an experimental method used to test scientific results
Scientists propose a hypothesis and then they try to test it
Ex. Cod liver can cure rickets is hypothesis
This is then tested on rat in an experiment if the rats are not cured then the
hypothesis is not supported
If the rats are cured then the hypothesis is supported
It is important to investigate this in a peer reviewed article
Evaluating Media Headlines with a Critical Eye: Soda diet raises
cardiovascular risks
1. Was the Research Findings Published in an article that is peer reviewed?
To be confident that the article is peer reviewed check the sources of the
2. Was the Study Done Using Animals or Humans?
Experiments done on animals is often different then when it is performed on
3. Does the study of the participates resemble me?
Studies could be biased used a certain sample of individuals
4. Is this the first time you have heard of this?
Sometimes there are other studies that have found the same trends in data
8.5.2 research studies and experiments confirm hypotheses
There are different methods used to confirm a hypothesis
There could be lab experiments: done in a lab
Observational experiments
Epidemiological research: observational
Experimental studies often involve two groups; a treatment group and a
control group
A placebo study can be used
The variables in both experiments must be the same
Larger ample sizes should be used
If the experiment didn’t go as planned then it is important to revise the
hypothesis and perhaps perform the experiment again
8.6 What is nutritional genomics
A person who studies the effects of genes on health
They study the relations between gene expression, health and nutrition
They are able to make dietary recommendations
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