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GGR107H1 Chapter Notes -Dietitian, Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics, Medical Nutrition Therapy

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8.7 What is nutrition assessment and what does it involve?
Registered Dietarian (RD): person who can determine what you should do
to improve your dietary needs
A person can be either healthy or malnourished
Undernourished: someone who is getting to little nutrients
Overnourished: someone who is consuming too many nutrients
8.7.1 Nutrition Assessment Includes Examining a Patient’s Health and Diet
A person can have acute or chronic illnesses
Questioning an individual’s dietary history is important
Food frequency questionnaire
It is a survey that discusses how often an individual consumes food
Food Record
It is a food diary of everything that you eat
It might not be accurate because you might forget or you might not record it
due to embarrassment
Twenty-four-hour dietary recall
Quick method of assessment done by a trained interviewer for twenty four
8.7.2 Anthropometric data is used to help assess nutritional status
Adults measuring their BMI (Body Mass Index)
8.7.3 Conduct a Physical Examination
Observing physical features such as hair, eyes, skin can determine certain
8.7.4 Collect laboratory data
Lab tests can be done on blood and urine samples
Irregular patterns of nutrients can be noticed through these samples
Obtaining Nutrition Advice: Who are the Experts? Who are the Quacks?
The Nutrition Experts
Registered dietitian has a American Dietetic Association can help with
nutrition inquiries
They are trained in medical inquiries
RDs are trained to administer medical nutrition therapy and work with
patients to prevent diseases
Public health nutritionists work with the government
Licensed dietarian (LD) work to protect public health
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