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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
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The Nature of Love - Harlow  Initial love responses of human made by infant to mother or mother surrogate o From intimate attachment, multiple learned + generalized affectionale responses are formed  Basic motives = primary drives: hunger, thirst, elimination, pain, sex, etc.  Derived/secondary drives: love/affection, all other motives o Mother is associated with reduction of primary drives (hunger, thirst, pain) = through learning; affectional love is derived  It's not just a reinforcer, since when supporting these drives cease - love continues to grow over time  John B. Watson's theory - love is an innate emotion elicited by cutaneous stimulation of the erogenous zones o Breast feeding = why adult men like boobs  John B. Bowlby - "primary object-clinging": need for intimate physical contact initially associated with mother Experiments  Used infant macaque monkeys because by the time human infants could be precisely researched they were too old w/ too many variables o Monkey grows more rapidly/matures sooner o Basic responses relation to affection - nursing, contact, clinging, visual/auditory exploration - are same between species o Development of perception, fear, frustration, learning capability follow similar sequences  Started with strong attachment to cloth pads (lab-raised babies) o Contact-need /responsiveness reported previously by Gertrude Van Wagenen (monkey) + George Haslerud (chimpanzee) o Similar to devotion of human babies to pillows/toys RESULTS  Babies raised in bare wire-mesh cage floor survives with difficulty if at all  Babies raised on bare wire-mesh cone faired better  Babies raised on cloth-covered cone, healthy happy babies evolve **Contact comfort - important development of infant's affection for mother**  Lactating wire mother vs. non-lactating cloth mother o Monkeys favoured cloth mother, disproving derived drive
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