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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Cowan Industrial Revolution 20CEbefore industrialization family basic social unit most large rural selfsustainingindustrialization family less important household no longer focus of production for marketplace families smaller and urban social functions reducedatomized family social bonds loosenedmodern women trouble because modern families in trouble industrial tech eliminate former functions but ideologies havent kept pace with changefunctionalist approach but not much evidence some hope to reestablish family solidarity by relearning lost productive crafts ie baking break vegetable gardenrural English families and domestic servants but chores housewifes burden married women of middle class no housework because farm girls as servants 18901950 full brunt of work themselvesgaslight and electricity sudden booms but changes in lighting least of the implied changessmall electric appliances after light change housewife routineirons traditionally hardest chores heavy and had to be reheated frequently at stove electric irons ease burdenelectric washing machines didnt reduce time on laundry drastically had to stand guard and stop and start add soap but reduce drudgery with washdaykitchen stove from coal eliminate maintaining re and hauling water but chore added keeping room cleanchange in routine new method of cooking easier to clean from no coal dust
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