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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Hopkins SexMachinetech variegated forms subdued and obvious fundamental to basic structure and activity of societyhumans always embedded in some gender system ideological framework and cultural meanings with different rolesneither tech or gender static but dynamictech strong tendency to be new changes in gender system less likely to be upgradeablepurchasable instantlywomen typically associated with nature vs men with techtech association with gender longstanding associations male technophilia dangerous womb envy tech blurring distinctions btwn sexes automatically threateningtech reinforcing gender systems new tech in existing gender systems could extend ideals of system and shore up those in powers enforce roles and restrictions ie chastity belt cosmetic surgeries emphasizing and controlling sexspecic toysgendered social position limiting access to tech when strong division of laborroles along gender lines women not working outside of hometo men ovens and sewing machines seen as frivolous by males females less access to computers association with natural abilities of sexes ie femaleweak and tech inept restricted access from gender connections even after formal obstacles dropped aura still linger so difcult to approach ie car vs sewing machine if woman cant handle car vs xing sewing machine doesnt mean tech mindedtech subverting gender
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