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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Nye Technology Controlgun appear as classic case of weapon that no society reject but Japanese did proved decisive in battle but little symbolic value so government restrict production reenter only after 1853 and force country to open to Westsociety able to act without outside interference can abolish powerful techMennonites and Amish not permitting device to be used before carefully evaluate impact on community resist phones and prefer facetoface communication breed horses and build one machinery than automobiles and gas tractorsbelief in determinism requiring free market examples of TV changing black people into proud giving strength to women weaken visible authorities by destroying mystery and distancesome declare tech as drawing people naturally into greater harmonybut tech never natural force dont break down barriers by itselfie wheels Mayan and Aztecs use on toys but dont use it practically on transportation awareness doesnt force society to adopt or keepadopting new tech unintended consequenceshighways to releive trafc but better roads atract more trafc and reduce public transit usecomputers supposed to improve ofce efciency but time to adjust to updated software physical problems etc and peoples jobs replaced and people forced to do routine tasksmore reasonable to assume tech use shaped by
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