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The Wars of Louis XIV Introduction

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"War may be a continuation of politics by other means, but once these means are taken they become
cardinal to the formation and implementation of policy and to the existence of those caught up in the
maelstrom of violence." (2)
War was fundamentally diff b/w Louis XIV and Napoleonic Wars
Indecisive character of battle and siege
Slow tempo of operations
Strong resolve to make war feed war
Powerful influence of attrition
"War as Process"
"Meeting the needs of war required the state bureaucracy to expand in personnel and authority"
"Local privileges and institutions diminished as those as the centre increased"
"To the extent that war provided the rational for govt growth, it became an important force in the
state formation" (3)
War helped to centralize power in France
Soldiers were protecting monarch, country and people
"Along with the monarchy, the army thus became the most active tool in la formation unitaire of
War contributed to nationalist feeling
Supreme General
Absolute Monarch
One could not have existed without the other
The Wars of Louis XIV
War of Devolution (1667-68)
The Dutch War (1672-78)
War of the Reunions (1683-84)
Nine Years War (1688-97)
War of Spanish Succession (1701-14)
Problems of French monarchy?
Great power conflicts
Religious turmoil
Local revolt
Aristocratic independence
First ministers of King Louis shaped French foreign policy:
Wanted to break Hapsburg encirclement of France
Entered into Thirty Years War
Wished to give political independence to states of Germany in hopes of destabilizing the imperial
Cardinal Richelieu
Worked together with Louis XIV's mom, Anne of Austria
Taught Louis XIV the art of diplomacy
Skillfully guided French foreign policy
Designed Treaty of Westphalia to "recognize France's grandeur"
Jules Mazarin
The Wars of Louis XIV Introduction
Monday, September 26, 2011
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