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HIS241H1 Chapter Notes -Bourgeoisie, Hereditary Monarchy, Frankfurt Parliament

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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February revolution in France
- Gvnt caught between nobles who insisted the monarchy had no legitimacy and republicans
demanding a regime based on popular sovereignty
- Poor harvest
- Republicans called for an expanded electoral franchise
o Banquet to be held on February 22, 1848 cancelled by premier -> riots
o Troops fired on protestors, killed 40 people
- Louis-Phillipe abdicates, people declare second French republic
- Chamber of deputies creates provisional gvnt
o Declares universal male suffrage and abolishes slavery in colonies
- Poor economy, unemployment
o 45 centimes tax raised taxes by 45%
- Gvnt looked after unemployed, maximum of 10 hours of work in Paris (12 in provinces)
- Women in Paris sought equality before the law, right to votes, right to divorce, and better
working conditions
- April elections resulted in a conservative majority with republicans winning only 100 out of 900
German states
- Liberals and radicals demanded:
o End to all remaining feudal obligations owed from peasants to nobles
o End of political repression
o Granting of a constitution
o Freedom of assembly and the press
o Expansion of the electoral franchise
- Liberals rejected universal male suffrage
- Radicals believed on revolution could guarantee results
- Revolution in France convinced German rulers to grant liberal concessions
- March 18, 1848 King Frederick William IV convokes the United Diet
o Replaced the more conservative cabinet with a liberal one
o Promised to end censorship and grant constitution
o Would push for joint constitution of the German states
- Shots were fires, barricades put up
- Army killed 250 insurgents
- Artisans demanded state protection
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