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Published on 30 Mar 2014
Thursday October 3, 2013
History Notes: Chapter 2 Continuation
Page 70-79:
The Seven Years War:
-the seven years war officially started in 1756 in Europe although the north American
contestants had been engaged in open conflict for several years before
-in 1754 the desperate struggle between the British and the French for the allegiance of
the aboriginal peoples in the Ohio country and for sovereignty over the region came to
the head
-the French had tried to assert their claim in 1749 by sending a military expedition led by
Pierre-Joseph Celeron
-Allegheny rivers stating the French claims to the region
-the French in 1752 ad 1753 built the military posts in the area
-the British sent George Washington with a small letter to tell them that they had
proclaimed the land and that they wanted them to give it up and get off of the land, they
went to one of the posts called Fort Le Boeuf, and claimed the Ohio valley and requested
the French to leave—obviously the French refused to move
-the British government of Virginia was authorized to use forces to expel the French from
the area
-the British sent back Washington in a year with 159 men, backed by a party of
aboriginals to establish a fort in Ohio
-on the way to the confrontation, they met a small party of 30 French men who were lead
by Joseph Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville and they were travelling east for more
support for the French against the British
-they were on specific orders not to bother anyone and they were not there for trouble just
on a diplomatic mission not a military one
-in may 28, 1754 Washington and some of his men entered the French camp which was
not well guarded
-eventually Jumonville gets hurt and he is taken out and they kill him
-Washington subsequently did his best to deny that they had killed Jumonville—and
argued that the French had hostile intentions—putting his reputation for never telling a lie
in jeopardy
-the incident led the French to send out a much larger force from fort Duquesne which in
earlier July they forced the Virginias to surrender
-in turn the British dispatched 2 regiments under the general Edward Braddock to
America and they were devastated
-war was still not over and formally declared—they contributed to the British decision in
Nova Scotia to expel the neutral Acadians from their province
-they had destroyed gender Braddocks army of British regulars in 1755
-on this occasion the French tactics of ambush and guerrilla warfare easily triumphed
over professional soldiers
-1700 prisoner at the surrender of the three fort associated with Fort Oswego
-hit and run raiders kept the American backcountry in a constant uproar along the Ohio
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