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Chapter 5

HIS344Y1 Chapter 5: The First Phase of the Strategic Arms Race

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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NATO did not commit America to protect it's European allies as
they would have wished --> many escape clauses
Belief that USSR had troops / armed
Take too long to show up
Have to get approval from Congress
Arm peoples
USA cut down on defense budget - reliance on nuclear weapons
to protect
USSR develops atomic weapon 1949 --> fear arises in USA
NSC-68 memorandum advocating for bigger budget and
development of weapons
Massive economic costs
Kennan advised against --> overexaggerated Soviet strength
Revelations of spies within USA government
Nuclear Anxieties and the Shadow of NSC-68
Korean War as justification for increased hostile American plans
Americans setting up bases all across Europe - using strategic
locations (Spain, Greece, etc.)
Unification of 4 branches headed under Eisenhower
Massive increases in spending and conscription
Standing army
From Cold War to Hot War
Wanted to recruit West Germans to aid in their own protection
France resisted
Integrate German troops into general multinational army
Pleven Plan
The French Scheme for West European Military Integration
Schuman project - economic integration
Help all of Europe rather than threaten
United against communism
Prevent West from joining East
Eliminate duties on coal and steel products within the
Establishment of a free labour market
1951 signed ECSC
The French Scheme for Western European Economic Integration
Stalin's purges
New Leadership in Washington and Moscow
The Militarization of Containment
Keylor, pp. 46-61, 81-84
5. The First Phase of the Strategic Arms Race
September 26, 2018
5:00 PM
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