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Chapter 9

HIS344Y1 Chapter 9: The Berlin Crisis and the Fragmentation of the Communist ‘World’

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Brain drain threatening viability of East Germany
Citizens fleeing East Berlin to Western Germany
Khrushchev and Kennedy meet in Berlin --> threats
Both begin increasing army and building up weapons
Khrushchev blocks off passage way between East and West Berlin -->
no response from West, did not want to start a war over such a small
Showdown at Checkpoint Charlie
Americans show of force - not real
Shoot to kill those who try to escape
Western Germany angry at Washington - could not rely upon
Berlin not worth a war
Allies still allowed access to East Germany
Presence of Allied garrisons in the city
The Wall Comes Up
Mao had to align with USSR --> no one else would support him
1953 economic agreement to support China's modernization
USSR provided more support to Third War in effort to win them
over --> dissatisfaction of China
Great Leap Forward --> China stepping out on their own economically,
could not rely on the USSR anymore
Depopulation of farmland led to massive food shortages and famine
Mao more willing than Khrushchev to rely upon nuclear weapons
1955 Mao to build own nuclear force - reduce dependence upon USSR
Causes Khrushchev to delay in sending missiles
1959 USSR confirms that they will not help with nuclear weapons
Mao has to build on his own
Quemoy crisis: China provoking USA and expecting USSR to back them
up with nuclear weapons
USSR attempting peace with USA - China fears being left on their own
USSR will not support China in efforts (India conflict)
1960s, conflict continues, divide widens between the two powers
Moscow withdrawing economic and military support
International conflicts
Albania sides with China
"Prague Spring"
The Disintegration of the Sino-Soviet Alliance
Keylor, pp. 92-96, 268-272
Doc. No.1 CIA Report on Soviet Diplomatic Efforts re: Berlin 1961 (secret)
Doc. No.2 CIA Report on Khrushchev’s Intentions re: Berlin 1961 (top secret)
Doc. No.3 Dept. of State Telegram on Prospects of War re: Berlin (top secret)
Documents and/or other readings on STL in Trinity Library:
9. The Berlin Crisis and the Fragmentation of the
Communist ‘World
October 10, 2018
5:00 PM
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