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Chapter 13

HIS344Y1 Chapter 13: Regional Conflicts

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Communist regime removing "rich peasants" and Catholics
Scheduled reunification elections in 1956
Ho expected to win
South had not actually signed - Diem didn't think he had to follow
USA thought Ho would win
17th parallel hardened
Diem solidified - Republic of Vietnam
North efforts to protect Communists in South
1960 - North Vietnam wants to overthrow regime
Set up NLF - National Liberation Front ("Viet Cong")
Repression of Communists in the South
Had to remain neutral
Kennedy concerned re Laos
1961 Thompson arrives in South Vietnam as British military adviser
USA thought that Diem could emulate the successful counterinsurgency
Relied upon upper class, French speaking Catholics
Didn't know what was going on in reality
Bred resentment
Monopoly on government
Diem isolated himself from the rural masses
Neutrality of Laos
USA violated this - arms shipments to coalition government in
Dragged into conflict - bordered Vietnam
Geneva Conference on Indochina in 1961
North Vietnamese troops patrolled Ho Chi Minh Trail in Eastern Laos
1963 Diem martial law
Civil war between Catholic minority in power and restive Buddhist
Escalating American involvement
Americans tried to get Diem to make concessions to appease war
Diem only turned more repressive
Conspiracy in White House to remove Diem from power - murdered
Period of political instability
Drastic increase of military power from USA in South
Used Gulf of Tonkin as pretext for increase
Heavy bombings of North Vietnam
Operation Rolling Thunder did not much to damage North
Dumped herbicides that harmed people and vegetation
The Agony of Indochina: The American Phase
Keylor, pp. 300-320, 330-335, 371-382
13. Regional Conflicts
October 31, 2018
5:00 PM
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