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Reading Notes on Adam Foxe's article

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Jennifer Mori

Adam FoxBallads Libels and Popular Ridicule in Jacobean EnglandLittle known what life was like for poor illiterate ppl Difficult to assess reception of texts Attempts made to penetrate mental world of ordinary ppl through popular lit ie prints pamphlets newsbooks almanacs ballads chapbooks price and print runs contentinferences about markets and milieux this is speculative dont know if these penetrated lowest levels or rural society Were they didactic or reflective 2uncertain if and how print was consumed by majority of English certain not produced by them can recognize them as more active agents in construction of their forms of expression eg their rhymes verses ballads preserved in legal recordslibellous literaturethis literaturewe know who invented these songs circumstances where circulated 49offer a more vivid responsive insight into popular attitudes and values can be tested against responsesreactions evokedthese sourcesrelocated silent majority as producersinitiators in cultural process can gain access to popular mentalities Dec 1605inn of Edward Freme Swangroup planned to blacken name of George Hawkinslocal squire alleged to father bastardConspirators were to censure him by mean
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