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Reading Notes on Friedman's Article

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Jennifer Mori

Jerome Friedman The battle of the frogs and Fairfords flies miracles and popular journalism during the English revolutionExamines popular press in London 164060 attitudes toward Revolution Considers folk beliefsinsight into why revolution didnt succeedLiteracy widespread cheap pamphlet literature expressed ordinary folks views about life religion govt and Revolution 3Educated opinion estimates by 1640 30 males 11 females literatetoo lowLiteracy among colonial indentured servants coming to New England many in countryside able to read Literate read aloud to illiterate in tavernsalehouses Alehousecenter of an alternate lowerclass culture dependent on literate ppl Newsbooks almanacs ballads single sheet broadsides chapbooks jestbooks Ballads most popular format artisans servants laborers intended audience but also appealed to wealthy merchants 6Ballads drinking sons tales of mythical heroes also based on news of the day mockery 1641 300 ballad sellers hawked wares on London streets Pamphlet express social political sentiment anonymousDuring interregnum pamphletchapbook replaced ballad as prime medium of popular expression 7Topics religion pornography apparitions monsters benefits of opium e
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