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Chapter 5

History Notes Chapter 5!

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Carol Chin

HISTORY NOTES CHAPTER 5The Greeks and the Wider World 120030 BCEMarginal in terms of political and military powerBecame a center of cultural and tech innovationGovernment human rationality literature visual art etcThe Development of Ancient Greek culture 1200500 BCEKingdoms with centralized authority and distinctions between rulers and subjectsAegean world bold trajectory Experiments in politics culture soc OrganizationA Dark Age in Aegean Life And Culture 1200800BCEGreek Geography o Mountains overland travel difficult o Dry climate o River valleys and plains allowed limited agriculture o Irrigation was impossible o But sea had small islands o Maintained contacts among the Greek mainland the Aegean islands west coast of Anatolia o These factors made Aegeans look outward o Trade and migrationThe Aegean Dark Age o Mycenaean culture disappeared in the twelfth century BCE o Written expression disappeared and artistic production slowed this period was the dark age 1200800BCE o People deserted large settlements o Continued to produce pottery o Had geometric patterns covering entire surface o People throughout Aegean islands used this style of pottery o Still sustained interconnections despite Dark Age o Participated in shared cultureGreek Colonization of the Mediterranean 800500BCE o Aegean people abandoned rural life around 800 BCE o Archaic Period o Arch Evidence shows settlement population increased drasticallyo Desire to live in large settlements instead of moving o Established colonies all around the Mediterranean Colonization and Trade o Migrants fanned out in all directions o Greeks competed with the Phoenicians who had already colonized large parts of Mediterranean o Colonization strengthened the connections between Greeks and the larger world o Greeks produced wine and olive oil
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