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Seven Years War (part II) N ŒŒ] [ZZµŒÀ]ÀoÁZ}LoÇZZµŒÇZ]ZK]o]šŒÇZµ ZZ N His exploits were to become influential on warfare at the time N The British decided to invest in the Prussian cause based on the battle of Leuthen N An annual sum of 670, 000 pounds would be paid to Frederic by the British N LŒKÇ}}ZŒÀš]}LÁ}µo Œšš}2µŒšZ9ŒµZZ][ZÁZšŒLoLl N Z‰]šŒŒ] [Zš}ŒL LµZšŒ]ŒŒ] Zš]ooZš} šZZµZZ]LšZŒš N ŒŒ] [Z }L]L oZ]Kš}underestimate his enemy N @Z]Z}ÀŒ }L]L Á}µooš}ŒŒ] [Zš N Frankfurt was lost to the Russian invaders N 12 August 1759- Battle of Kunersdorf N Despite initial bombardment, Prussia could not penetrate the Russian flank N Barely 3000 Prussians escaped the battle N Frederic was devastated by this defeat N @Z]‰o}Kš] ŒÀ}oµš]}L Kš}9ŒµZZ][Z] N The newly united enemies were not able to follow up with another offensive, this allowed Frederic to fight another day N Frederic would make a comeback in 1760 N Gradual Prussian attrition would slow its war progress N Frederic became pessimistic about his survival once more. A change in British government would reduce his aid from Britain N 5 of January 1762- Elizabeth of Russia died, changing Russian foreign policy th N Peter III, on the 5 },Çíóòî7ŒZš}Œoo}ZµZZ][Z2]LZL oŒ‰ šŒšÇ}µš} admiration for Frederic N ,oZ}}LšZo}ZµZZ][ZŒKÇš}ŒŒ] N Peter was assassinated, and replaced by Catherine the Great N Russian troops were recalled from Prussian command N The war was slipping into a stalemate th N The treaty of Paris 10 Feb 1763 ended the Seven Years War The Diplomatic Revolution N Growing military technology meant an international stalemate. N War and territorial gain were essentially limited on the international scale. N War would be expensive and would yield little profit. N Frederick II was the current menace to world peace. N Despite being a menace, Frederick was very restrained. N ŒŒ] l[ZZ]̵Œ}^]oZ]ÁZ]Œ}L] ]LšZis sense. N This subjective element was the more unstable one. N ŒŒ] l[ZZššÁZÀŒÇÀµoLŒo}LšZ2}-political map. www.notesolution.com N ŒŒ] l[Z š]}LZ L }LZ]ŒZ^}µš}‰ŒZZµŒ_ N 9ŒµZZ][ZšŒŒ]š}Œ]oZÁZÀŒÇZ ššŒ~^]oZ]7ŒLLµŒ27šZRhine and main province) N Great power status was sought as a means to ensure the survival of this Prussian state N Anglo-Russian subsidy treaty (1745) N Colonial war was a trouble among other great powers (Britain and France) N Œ]š]L[Z}šZŒµŒ}‰L‰}ZZZZ]}Ls were extremely vulnerable due to Franco-Prussian alliance N 100, 000 pounds were annually paid to Russia by Britain for the defence of Hannover N Such complex alliances and failure to negotiate effectively would drag Europe into the Seven Years War (first world war) N Russia sought the fall of the belliger
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