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Readings for Sept 26

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Readings for Week of Sept 26 Renaissance HumanismTA KathrynsegesserutorontocaBracciolini The Ruins of Rome p 379Antonio Lusco and Poggioo Bracciolini discuss the ancient city of rome and its buildings and statues etc and how sad it is that they are no longer there and all that is left is ruinsroman culture provided many leaders in war produced many illustrious men and emperors great virtues the mother of many good arts military discipline purity of morals and life the decrees of the law the models of all the virtues and the knowledge of right livingRoman buildings temples arcades baths amphitheatres the aqueducts the porticos the palaces almost nothing remains of the ancient citySad lamentmourning over the ruins of rome how it used to be gloriousWrote in dialogue Concerns itself around the architecture of the old city shows that he is educated by explaining what all the ruins exactly are shows he knows what he is talking aboutRome is the victim of fortune resulting in the fall of romeAlberti On Virtu and fortuna p328Men are themselves the source of their own fortune and misfortune The power of gaining praise wealth and reputation should be
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