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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 textbook notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

Rome and the Papal States other communities also made major contributions to the Renaissance o Rome, though no longer the centre of a vast world empire, was mostly sustained by the huge bureaucracy of the RCC and tourism (pilgrimages) [except for period between 1305 and 1376 when the headquarters of the church was in Avignon] many prominent families who tried to control the papacy Cola Di Rienzo (1313-1354) took advantage of absent papacy in 1347 and 1354 o attempted to win Romes independence from papal control eloquent speaker 1347 revolt o managed to convince some followers that he was the illegitimate son of the HRE Henrich VII and as such could be the new Roman tribune of the people who would restore Rome to its former glory o he and his followers managed to gain control of Rome for 7 months toppled by combined forces of major Roman families and papacy 1350: went to HRE Charles IV and attempted to gain his support o imprisoned him until Pope Innocent VI secure his release hoped Riezno, still influential, could help move the papacy from Avignon 1354 revolt: o once again took over Rome o despite pretensions of planning to restore glory of ancient Roman republic, showed himself to be a petty tyrant o killed in revolt less than a year later by the common people who felt betrayed by him Renaissance Popes late 1350s: papacy restored its control www.notesolution.com
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