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Portable Reader Summaries Second Week

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Nicholas Terpstra

thHIS243 Reading SummariesOct 6140145 531540 501512 540548 The Arts RebornG VasariOrigin of art was naturelets your art be perfectRise of art happened at a late timeWith the 12 Caesars art began to declineWith the decline of Rome came the burial of great artAdopted the Christian religion whose followers got rid of all art depicting gods or devotion of other religions o They didnt mean to be against the artwork itself but they were causalities o Christians took physical elements from the art to incorporate into their own artwork The architecture that was emerging Gothic didnt do proper justiceIn 1250 people became enlightened and could tell the difference between good and bad artworkthey slowly began to imitate antique worksAntique work before Constantine in Corinth Athens Rome until Nero Vespasian Trajan Hadrian and Antoninus Old work from the days of St Silvester downwardsArt is coming into its second birthNature Art and ScienceL Da VinciHe has experience to assist him in writing since he is not a literary manTo be a good artist you must mirror everything you see in life Painting is born of nature If you hate painting you hate the bringing together of philosophy and nature of all formsEye is central sense for appreciating nature Ear is secondPainters depict what poets do in a simpler way o The image of a man will never change but words to describe him will p 533Painting is more universal and satisfying then poetryPoets say painters are mechanical artists because hand produces their work poets write painters sell their work poets teach
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