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Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243Lec3 9202011 91000 AM Tutorial signup got messed up starts next wee Social Structures in EME1 Population and Organization 2 Sense ofa citys architectural profilea Has existed since EME was a source of pride b Never just a place but a symbol as welli Civic patriotism that is never just secular but is also deeply religious because you think god virgin maryother imaginary friend feels strongly about your cityy Shrines in Bologna were along the outer wall of the city o In one this was just vacant space though the story tends to be that god makes place x holy not usMiracles start small and kind of accelerate in implausibilityy Miracles are important markers by which peoplesolidify their civic religion forces define how cities operationo Cohesive but factional Cohesiondivisiono People use the areas around their house wealthy people situate themselves in one hood and then try to build up political support in that area at the exclusion of their rivalsIn medieval cities everything is drawn into the centre of the city y Church courthouse etc o Centre of the city is considered neutral space while the city itself is divided into quartersKey civic buildings there and they tend spend a lot of money on themAt timeswhen familiespartiesetc want to prove their power they will have executions in the public square y or bring everyone in the city into the square surround them with troops and then Venice has a rather elaborate main square but otherwise is quite a bit more complicated y divided into 6ths not quarters o castellani vs niccolotty controlled different sides of the citiesthey would have massive bridge battles between the two sides fight back and forth to see who controls the bridge and city people invented adhoc armor and weapons ended up killing each other etc y venetian government is constantly trying to limit this thing but at times decide the fight is good for tourism o hosts a bridge battle for a foreign king while he is in Venice to petty to be a war to violent to be a game y Doge rules the city of Venice for like 57 years Host boat processions out of the city every year Doge rides a really big boat and throws a ring in the water and marries the sea y the whole city goes with him to witness this ceremony of cohesion which lasts until the end of the Venetian republic Robes wee a way of indicating what people did and so when there were processions these would show everyonegod that it was a cohesive group god should protect them or what have you People had a tendency to spend all their lives in one part of the city y Old woman who is from Florence but had never seen the cathedral
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