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History-The scientific revolution Reading Notes - near the end of the 17 century and start of the eighteenth century, catholic church in Rome starts to feel pressure for the following reasons  The Protestant Revolution-Papacy losing land in which the catholic reformation seemed to victorius  with scientific investigation on the rise and more people proclaiming its existence RESULT- Italian Giordano Bruno was burned along with books for proclaiming scientific investigation and Galileo is called summoned to Rome. -Galileo escaped death penalty because the Pope Urban used to be his friend and accused him of supporting only polish scientists not of heresy. But still put in lifetime house arrest in 1633 th -17 century was “century of genius” -Scientific revolution not due to new technologies rather to new ways of thinking about the university. -Fourth century Aristotle believed the earth to be the centre of the universe, Ptomely not much change from Aristotle’s view. -Dante the poets writings reflect Aristotle’s and Ptomely’s views on the universe -Arabs contributed a lot to early astronomy, mathematics etc. Raised troubling questions. -Copernicus questioned Aristotle and Ptomely, and his book was published near his time of death. He made observations which contradicted and proved wrong past literature. He made the bold statement that the sun was the centre based on his observations. Other people before also questioned the past literature, Nicholas of Cusa(german) suggested that universe was infinite and the sun was the centre, and that the earth was in motion but made no calculations to prove so. Leonardo da Vinci also suggested that the earth might move around the sun. -Harvey thought of the blood pumping through the heart like a pu
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