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Erin Black

Usa 1 Daughters of liberty are made Wellefucated women such as abagale ADAMS HIS WIFE begin to speak up British loose 40% of revenue 1770 new prime minister repeals Townsend duttiez Send troops to Boston In winter of 1770 people want British troops Colonist is shoot begins the Boston massacre Only 5 people died but this is great propaganda for colonist Before this there was no thought of independence Boston is center of revolution Happy Townsend is repealed 1773 the act Tax is made on tea only Americans have to pay The solution is to boy cott tea coming in and destroy tea in the city 1773-74 Men disguised as native load ship and throw tea into water British reap one with corrosive act Demand British troops in Boston be sheltered and paid for by British no Boston is exiled Freedom of religion given to French catholic French are now able to settle in america Boston port is closed Called the intolerable acts The first continental congress is made Its first task is to agree on what Britt on can and can't do A united col response Both is OK with British boycott The south is not They meet for 7 weeks only this that comes out is a declaration they want their rights to be respected Sends petition to king George jumping over parliament 1774 they are still looking to work things out From hopes of reconciliation to declaration of independence 1775 armed conflict breaks out George Washington ideal is be prepaided hold gun powder British hear of it in concord and Lexington Shots are fired skirmish in Lexington This was the 1st battle 2nd continental congress continues Mostly same people from first Issues fix things with British and get ready for war prep No one is talking of independence Colonist to break with Briton would be there end People respt the British constitution Their beef is with British Parliament not king People fear loosing British protection from France Spain of natives The action taken wash to send another petition to king July a1775 Blamed all trouble on kings ministers Propose colonial assembles be sub groups of england miniature Parliament's They want the recognition equal and separate to Called olive branch petition Was given on a olive branch King Georges response was to defect it declaring it a state or rebilion and treason Therefore now the king is as well the problem Hired mersinarries to colonies Raising mersanarie army They are casted out of empire 1688 king James ll was overthrown by parliament. For being to offensive They believed James broke the. Contract Called the glorious revolution Resembling the way George is acting Still hard for colonist to think about breaking bonds Thomas Paine -common sense Breaks down monarchy why it makes no sense and should be gone Talks of present state of affairs and america should become independent republic of the people n
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