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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 required reading (pages 451-458)

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Human Biology
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John Yeomans

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HMB200H1S Ch 14Pg 451458Lateral pathwaysvoluntary movement of distal musculature under direct cortical controlBrain Control of MovementVentromedial pathwayscontrol posturelocomotion under brainstem controlIntroductionFinal common pathway for bhvralpha motor The Lateral PathwaysneuronMost important componentcorticospinal tractUnder control of sensory feedbackspinal Originating in neocortexinterneuronsLongest one of largest CNS tracts 1 mil Exploring how brain influences activity of spinal axonscord to command voluntary movements23 of axons originate originate in areas 4Central motor system arranged as hierarchy of control levels forebrain at top spinal cord at 6 of frontal lobemotor cortexbottomRemaining axons from somatosensory areas HighestStrategyassociation areas ofregulate flow of somatosensory info to neocortexbasal ganglia or forebrainbrainGoal of movement movement strategy Pass thru internal capsule btwn to best achieve this goaltelencephalonthalamusbase of Ex planning to pitch a ballcerebral peduncle at midbrainponsMiddleTacticsmotor cortex cerebellumcollect to form tract at medulla baseforms Seqs of muscle contractions arranged in medullary pyramid on ventral roughly spacetime required to smoothlytriangularaccurately achieve strategic goalDecussation of pyramids at junction of Ex deciding what pitch to usemedullaspinal cordaxons cross overLowestExecutionactivation of motor Left motor cortex controls right side of neuroninterneuron pools brainstem body vice versaspinal cordCollect in lateral column form lateral Generate the goaloriented movement corticospinal tractmake any necessary adjustmentsTerminate in dorsolateral region of ventral Ex throwing the ballhornsintermediate grey matter
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