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Human Biology
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Stephen Wright

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Lecture 01: Genetics and genomics of human biology 1.1 Nature of biological information - DNA: biological information encoded as a nucleotide sequence o Double helix of 2 nucleotide chains held together by complementary pairing of A with T, G with C - Nuclear DNA organized into genes and chromosomes o Genes: DNAs functional regions spaced out along chromosomal DNA o Chromosome: double helix coiled around nucleosome Nucleosome: 8 histones - Humans o Diploid 2n = 46 Homologous chromosomes: chromosome pair Genes in pairs - Extranuclear DNA o Mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA - Prokaryotes o Uncoiled circular chromosome plus plasmids - Viruses o Much smaller, linear 1.2 How information becomes biological form - Biological form: structural, enzymatic, regulatory proteins o Protein synthesis: transcription, translation DNA mRNA pr
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