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Chapter 8


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Human Biology

Chapter 8PSYC1211042011Sexism Negative attitudes and behaviour toward someone on the basis of their gender Gender stereotypes oWomen are seen as polite gentlenurturing etc Usually viewed as primarily concerned with fostering relationships with others nurturing and deference oDeaux and Lewis 1984Participants were given information about the gender of a target individual as well as role behaviour or trait information wand were asked to indicate likelihood target person had specific gender characteristicsResults showed that gender stereotype component information can outweigh the influence of gender in evaluations in targetPerceiver will initially draw on gender stereotype information in their inferences about the target once they gain more specific information the target will be viewed according to this Measurement of Gender stereotypes oBipolar assumption Notion that men and women are diametrically opposite States that a person has characteristics that are associated with either males or females but not both oDualistic view People have bothAgentic traits oTraditionally associated with males traits that indicate task orientation assertiveness and a striving for achievement Communal traitsoExpressive traits traditionally associated with women ATWSAttitudes toward women scale Measures attitudes toward equal rights and roles and privileges form women Eagly and Mladinic 1989 oEvaluative contentof questionnaire conducted should correlate highly with scores on the ATWS of participants oResults supported the hypothesis Past research using the ATWS had suggested that people have negative views of women when in fact what ws happening was that they had negative views of the idea of malefemale equality in society Origin of Gender stereotypes oReligion Many religions have taught that women are different from inferior to and subservient to men oSocial Learning Social Learning theoryChildren learn the expectations goals interest abilities and other aspects associated with their gender
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