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A Short History of the Movies 10/8/2012 3:05:00 PM BIRTH By the end of the century, three developments had combined to create the motion picture : phenomenon of persistence of vision / the invention of still photography / and increasing public interest in mechanized entertainments  Persistence of Vision Our unconsciousness of blinking, optical phenomenon called persistence of vision The stroboscopic succession of frames produces the appearance of movement  Succession of frames produces the appearance of movement (Sound Spped and Silent speed) 1825 – John Ayrton Paris’ Thaumatrope (spinning coin principle) o Stroboscopic Toys  Phenakisticope by Plateau  Stroboscope by Simon Ritter von Stampfer  Zootrope (Daedelum) by William George Horner  Projecting Phenakisticope Baron Franze von Uchatius (1853)  Praxinoscope by Reynaud in 1877 th  By the end of 19 C, hundreds of variations on the devices abounded.  Primarily in France, England, Germany, and US  Each claim to have invented the motion picture.  The validity of each claim is contingent on whether one defines the motion picture as invented when it was conceived/patented
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